An analysis of the communication strategy of hitachi automotive products

This leads to a robust design methodology that can be applied for a wide range of Hitachi products including but not limited to automotive systems. Hitachi Medical Systems also provides comprehensive customer support programs.

Project Discovering hidden patterns in the flow of people to create new value Through these experiments, Hitachi reinforced the idea that understanding and predicting the flow of people can create new value in a variety of ways.

An analysis of the europes new world

As a pioneer in the utilization of IT to reinvent infrastructure for Social Innovation, Hitachi has been advancing a new approach, focusing on people flow analysis.

The experiment was designed to determine which exhibits were more popular among children and how much each exhibit stimulated communication between parents and children. In particular, we are working on following areas: Advanced material deformation simulation can shorten the development time and accelerate the implementation of new materials.

As those hidden patterns become apparent, the layout of places where many people gather can be improved to add value to the spaces and provide better services.

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Their custom medical applications include ports, PICCS, dilators, balloon catheters, introducer sheaths, feeding tubes and microcatheters. Fuel system for a direct injection engine Inventors: HCA manufactures cables that are used on a daily basis to support important aspects of everyday life for millions of people.

Hitachi supplies broadcasters around the world with products such as HD cameras designed for high image quality and ease of use, and transmitters and other systems that ensure reliable and high-quality broadcasting. HCA builds subway cables, cell tower cables and cables used both on trains and in train stations and yards.

SSG is also offering systems integrators a Hitachi branded biometric door access terminal for access control platforms using near IR light to scan the vein pattern inside a finger for identification.

Additional solutions include specialized environmentally-friendly circuit breakers, switchgear and transformers. Akira Inoue US Patent no. We accelerate whole facility optimization through resource reduction initiatives that eliminate traditional barriers; deploy innovative technology, best in class product and service solutions; and drive operational excellence.

Made in the U. With transmission systems deployed worldwide and a global support presence, Hitachi Kokusai Comark continues to develop technologies for improving coverage and saving power. TMS Supplemental Proceedings, pp. This technology makes it possible to measure the movement of people inside a building and simulate the flow of people throughout the structure.

System for managing electrical power distribution between infrastructure and electric vehicles. It will be a model plug-n-play platform with dynamic sharing of models through the internet. Fuel delivery system Inventor Name: The results revealed congestion in certain areas that prevented the smooth flow of people.

Housing for an electronic circuit Inventors: Toshiharu Nogi, Robert I.The report has been published by Fior Markets and incorporates the analysis of Two-Wheeler Anti-Braking System (ABS) market development trends, [ ] Global Two-Wheeler Anti-Braking System (ABS) Market Opportunities - Bosch, BWI, Honda Motor, Hitachi Automotive System | DigiBulletin.

As part of this approach, in OctoberHitachi merged with TOKICO LTD. and Hitachi Unisia Automotive, Ltd. Hitachi is determined to aggressively develop the automotive systems business. Hitachi Consulting is a key driver of Hitachi’s innovation strategy by connecting products, platforms and technologies from Hitachi into global solutions that create value for customers around the world.

Hitachi has been working on a new approach called People Flow Analysis to optimize the utilization of public spaces and make cities more vibrant and attractive. Analyzing daily flow, behavior, and the relationships of people to make cities and spaces more attractive: Social Innovation: Hitachi.

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An analysis of the communication strategy of hitachi automotive products
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