Liberalism vs marxism essay

The markets are determined by the pool of labour and the surplus production. This system should be able to preserve tolerance by encouraging as much independence and freedom among nations as possible. Classical liberalism also encourages the economic freedom to freely sell services.

Such actions are also aimed at achieving international economic stability. Responding to class theft: The Liberalist society however, is clearly elitist, as it holds some to be better and more capable than others and they are the ones who are the representatives in said representative society.

Marxism is characterised by; division of class, state promotion of social mobility; and provision of support to medium-sized and small businesses. One form of government is liberalism which comes from the word of freedom, liberty.

States which adopt liberalisms in their governments and governance structure believe in democracy and giving individuals economic and intellectual freedom while Marxism believes in authoritarian rule where individuals are controlled by applying economic pressure on them.

The Marxist ideal is a state of pure cooperation, in that it is without class, without state and without property. The interests of this bourgeois upper class have nothing in common with the more common people, so in what way are they to represent them?

Marxism-Leninism is about having a centralized vanguard party and that there is Liberalism vs marxism essay need to be ran through a peaceful and lawful political participation. The reason for competition is that society pits all its members against each other, in order to rob them of their collective might, resources and power.

Modern liberalism looks at liberty from a broader view. However, Liberals have a rebuttal. Liberalism, on the other hand, emphasizes the idea of being free and equal with regard to certain concepts like religion, trade, political freedom, civil rightsetc. Bentham writes "That which has no existence cannot be destroyed" [vi] Bentham,p53 referring to social institution and that which humans have innately.

It instead grants freedom which is the purpose of the Liberal state, and this empowers its citizens as exposes them to alternate viewpoints allowing them to expand their own.

This is clearly a defence of freedom not an attempt to divide and conquer.

Liberalism vs Socialism

Marxist political economy is closer to the economics as compared to the political economy of states. By encouraging "experiments in living" the state divides the would be whole consensus of its citizens whom would otherwise be united in the sharing of resources and skills.

Thus internationally, imperialist states dependent more on their military strength to defend their political economies Garrettp. It seeks out ways to hone human potentials and contribute to the society. Finally, that Marxists mean to abolish the state is absurd to a Liberal.

It seeks out ways to hone human potentials and contribute to the society. Government promotes economic equality no more or less than it promotes political equality. As for social democracy, socialism is run through a peaceful and lawful political participation.

Classical liberalism also encourages the economic freedom to freely sell services. I will however, upon completing this argument, attempt to demonstrate a Liberalist counter-rebuttal of the points given by Marxism, as the arguments given by it can be rejected. To attempt a revolution in order to overthrow these institutions is a fallacy that is simply unachievable, as these things come from us as human beings rather than any physical construction.

Liberalism promotes democracy through institutions to encourage human rights while Marxism discourages establishment of institutions that promote individual rights. Such states also work to preserve a flourishing small business sector.

Beyond the communitarian critique of Liberalism. The two theories differ with regard to varying factors and components that impact on global integration. Also, academics are in the minority, meaning that whilst they have earned a greater portion of votes, it does not mean that they have earned the right to enforce their choice.

This is regulated by the harm principle, which means in simple terms, you are free to do as you wish as long as you cause no harm to others. It therefore works to excessively regulate trade activities.

These are aimed at making the social order more stable by exercising control over the poor majority. It cultivates an alienating culture that separates each of its citizens from one another by encouraging competition when without it there would be cooperation.

This is arguably an intolerant attitude to minority opinion or action.View Essay - Liberalism vs. Marxism essay from PS at University of Oregon. Question 2 Nick Hinman PS Fall 07 th The political economic theory presented by 50%(2).

Analyse the main differences between Liberal and Marxist ideology

Marxism and Economic Liberalism – comparison Marxism and Economic Liberalism as commercial policies were questioned by Smith as to whether they would increase or decrease the wealth of a nation. Smith proposed the following criterion in support of free trade rather than protectionism.

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Liberalism versus Marxism

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The irreconcilable clashes between Marxism and Liberalism

Marxism Comparison Essay by Ithaca Liberalism vs. Marxism This paper discusses theoretical differences between Liberalism and Marxism on the question of state formation, its function and especially its future, the withering away of the "state".

Analyse the main differences between Liberal and Marxist ideology Ideology can be defined as a set of beliefs, attitudes, values, and ideas that characterises the consciousness of a class at a given historical moment.

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Liberalism is bent towards political economy while Marxism is more concerned with economics and maximization of profits. Liberalism believes in equal rights and individual liberty as Marxism supports the ideology of differentiation of social class and struggle to achieve higher order social class.

Liberalism vs marxism essay
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