News writing and reporting syllabus agh

Cross-disciplinary approaches to global changes in the nature of governance and collective action. Media in a Free Society.

Media and Public Affairs

Students with Disabilities This course is in compliance with Towson University policies for students with disabilities. Three additional texts are highly recommended, though not required.

Fundamentals of news reporting and writing, with emphasis on print media; news judgment, information gathering skills, and crafting news and feature stories. To add some comments, click the "Edit" link at the top. Students with a specific disability permanent or temporary, physical or learning needing special accommodation during the semester should make an appointment to meet with the instructor.

Students learn to find reliable information through social media and other online tools, use spreadsheets as a reporting tool, and download data for analysis, to create graphics, and to report and write stories based on the analysis.

Work handed in one day, one hour or one minute late will receive an F. Reuters writes for three main audiences: Leniency might help you this semester, but in the long run, it does you no favors.

XX local time etc. Decision making, strategic planning, and daily operations of all types of media organizations. This will delay publication. If you miss more than three classes, I reserve the right to withdraw you from the course without notice. Students are responsible for completing three articles of between and 1, words— a report from the field, a news or feature story for which you will work with sources to gain information, and a profile of an interesting person.

You will be prepared to review all your work, particularly areas needing improvement, and to provide important feedback.

MCOM 481 Syllabus

Restricted to students in the political communication and journalism and mass communication programs. This includes classroom items such as quizzes. If attendance or compliance with other course policies is unsatisfactory, the instructor may withdraw students from the class.

At least two of these assignments will have required revisions. Then you move on to the next idea, perhaps by using a signpost sentence. Introduction to the theory and practice of campaign advertising. Brief exposure to qualitative research.

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Students should not record audio or video of the instructor or other students in the classroom without first procuring permission or consent from all recorded subjects. Do not submit your work in news column format, please.

Race, Media, and Politics. Dis unsatisfactory grasp of fundamental skills: Each will count the same as two in-class assignments. Additional information on these can be found at http: Write a short three-four paragraphs memo about the next news or feature story you plan to write for class.

The changing role of communication media, including the Internet and other newer technologies as well as traditional books, film, newspapers, telephone, and satellite in establishing closer relationships and interdependencies among people, their cultures, and their organizations in various countries.

Media Effects, Public Opinion, and Persuasion. The Extension School prohibits students from receiving both a grade and compensation for course work.

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Chapter 10, Journalists Have a Responsibility to Conscience. John and Al have handouts available about a variety of topics, and can point you toward other resources.

Ensure tabular material carries tabular formatting in the Lynx Editor header field. Please note, you are expected to conduct yourself professionally with respect and courtesy to all.

Writing the profile, a common type of feature story. Sesno DirectorS. You will learn that accuracy and clarity are the hallmarks of good writing in any communication profession. Is this the first time?

Deadlines, Workflow and Resources A difficulty in journalism arises from the fact that a journalist must simultaneously do many things. Failure to do so will be considered academic misconduct.

You make a statement, maybe expand on it in the next paragraph, or illustrate it with a quote in a third paragraph, or provide further evidence in the form of data or background in the fourth paragraph.Writing accounts for approximately 20 percent of the course grade.

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3rd Program Goal: Critical Thinking Measured by: Evaluation of student’s ability to synthesize information and apply logic and reasoning to. amount of traditional homework will be given so that you can focus on reporting and writing your four original news/feature stories, in addition to the weekly quizzes.

“News Notes”. This course provides instruction in writing for print, broadcast, video, and new media. Students will practice skills including form and content required for various media.

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Writing objectively, considering legal and ethical issues, developing ideas and stories, gathering information, and interviewing are some concepts covered by this course. To encourage students to think critically about reporting and writing, each class will begin with a brief discussion of the day’s news.

To facilitate the discussion, the class will maintain a Twitter feed that will include links to stories of interest. This is the syllabus for JNL, Reporting and Writing News I, at the National Management College in Yangon, Myanmar.

This is Professor Austin's class for the semester beginning June 1, Intensive instruction and practice in the fundamentals of reporting and writing, including interviewing, data gathering, public records research and legal considerations of news gathering.

News writing and reporting syllabus agh
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